About Us

We are reliable professionals with over 30 years of experience. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.


You name it and we can provide it. Our Managing, Investors, and Mod Team will make sure you get what you want! 

Contact us now!

Our Website: woozworld.com
Our Company Website: http://corporate.woozworld.com/?lang=en
Our Helping Website: http://help.woozworld.com/
Our Processing Email- freewoozvipandrares@gmail.com
Reid Birch's Website- freewoozvipandrares.webs.com

Managing Team:
Eric Brassard- Chief Executive Officer
Nicolas Lee- Vice President Technology
Mathieu Lampron- Vice President Operations
Reid Birch- Vice President Managing 

Chris Arsenault- Managing Partner
Daniel Cyr- Mod Team


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